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Co-Founder of Alternatives Insurance Group is re-branding AIF to MJM Insurance

MJM Insurance of Fenton now offers more competitive products and solutions for Missouri consumers, including Missouri Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Home Insurance and Business Insurance.

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Marc Majnerich, co-founder of Alternatives Insurance Group, is re-branding Alternatives Insurance of Fenton to MJM Insurance of Fenton. This change is one of the many to come. MJM Insurance of Fenton opened in 2002 as a full service independent insurance agency and a corporate location member of Alternatives Insurance Group, a group membership organization of local St Louis area insurance agencies founded in 1992. The licensed insurance agents have a combined 70+ years of experience and are dedicated to provide personal and business insurance tools, resources and the most current technology. Each year, their licensed professionals maintain the certified educational requirements required by the Missouri Bureau of Insurance. The team continues to add products to specifically meet Missouri residents needs.

“Less is more” is the idea of the re-brand design concept. Less relates to narrowing down the available insurance products to a handful of key partners. Safeco, Travelers and Progressive will likely be the top three, out of more than 15 carriers, for years to come. More relates to reducing the number of carriers is a value-added benefit in that the agents and staff members are able to stay on top of current trends, stay educated and up to date on all represented carrier partner underwriter practices for each carrier that is represented by MJM Insurance of Fenton. In fact, a large part of the success of local captives is the fact they know the ins and outs of one single company, and they know the ins and outs very well.

In addition to the new brand and eye catching design, MJM Insurance of Fenton has incorporated a custom Client Portal allowing clients to access basic policy information, quick link to the carriers and their insurance documents 24/7. MJM Insurance of Fenton also offers a web based Consumers Rater for Missouri consumers looking for instant personal lines quotes from Safeco, Travelers, The Hartford, Progressive, EMC, MetLife and several other A+ carriers. “Our use of technology allows us to have fewer staff members yet still provide the highest quality efficiency and superior service to our clients and prospects.”, reports Marc Majnerich, owner of MJM Insurance of Fenton. MJM Insurance as a whole, is the single largest annual net written premium volume agency of the Alternatives Insurance Group.

Get instant quotes or policy access, anywhere, anytime, any device.

“Over the next few years, I plan on reaching out to strong regional insurance carriers in order to fill voids. I think offering quality products to consumers which prefer buying from local independents and regional insurance carriers will become more and more common. Buying power will be shifting from baby boomers to millennials.. and our goal to be prepared to communicate and offer technology based features as well as allow clients to dial our direct extensions with the push of a button or clicking their mouse… In fact, the new world of impatient consumers refuse to hold or verbally ask for their agent. They simply want direct contact immediately or elect to no contact at all.”, says Marc Majnerich of MJM Insurance of Fenton.

MJM Insurance of Fenton is a supporting member of the Missouri Association of Insurance Agents and committed to the Trusted Choice Pledge.


What is the Value of Life Insurance in Arnold Missouri?

You Can’t Put a Price On Your Family

What is the Value of Life Insurance in Arnold Missouri? | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000

Best Protection Money Can Buy

There should be no question, What is the Value of Life Insurance in Arnold Missouri?  Simple answer — protecting your family. You can’t put a price on this type of value.

MJM Insurance® of Arnold has a group of experienced, licensed, life Insurance agents to help you through the process of buying life insurance and can explain your options to help you make the best informed decision for the life insurance product that best meets your needs and protect your family.

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Fenton Missouri Life Insurance

Protect What is Most Important to You with Life Insurance

Fenton Missouri Life Insurance | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000


One of the main purposes of Fenton Missouri Life Insurance, as with any insurance, is peace of mind.  If your family should suddenly be affected by a tragic event, the beneficiaries named in your policy receives the benefits of the policy.  Family income protection is one of the most important needs for life insurance coverage.

We can help.

MJM Insurance® of Fenton offers experienced, licensed, Life Insurance agents to help you through the process of buying life insurance and explaining your options to help you make the best informed decision for the life insurance product that best meets your needs.


  Why Fenton Missouri Life Insurance? 

  • If you have kids, you should have it.
  • If you support your spouse, you should have it.
  • If you own your own home and have a mortgage, you should have it.
  • If you have personal or business loans, you should have it.
  • If you think at some point you will need to be in a nursing home.

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