Fenton Missouri Limo and Taxi Livery Insurance Coverages

Protection for Your Transportation Business

Fenton Missouri Limo and Taxi Livery Insurance Coverages | MJM Insurance of Fenton | (636) 343-5000Our primary goal as insurance agent is to protect our clients and their businesses by providing a proactive approach to their insurance needs. As a partner in business, we understand the need to protect our investments and livelyhood. Fenton Missouri Limo and Taxi Livery Insurance Coverages are required for limo and taxicab companies, whether they are individually owned, or a large fleet operation.

When it comes to purchasing Missouri public livery transportation insurance, we understand that many people consider the lowest price.  The lowest price is not necessarily the best option, so it is  our agents priority to analyze the customer’s needs and requirements. MJM Insurance® of Fenton has direct appointments with many transportation carriers.  This allows us to shop a variety of Missouri insurance companies, and to create a customized Limo and Taxi Insurance package that best meets the needs of our customers.

MJM Insurance® of Fenton is here for the long term.  As a Trusted Choice agency, we are dedicated to you and are committed to treating you as a person, not a policy.
Fenton Missouri Limo and Taxi Livery Insurance Coverages | MJM Insurance of Fenton | (636) 343-5000The insurance market changes year after year.  As licensed agents, it is our job to stay educated by the latest trends and pricing tiers in the transportation insurance industry.  We understand obtaining Fenton Missouri Limo and Taxi Livery Insurance Coverages is not necessarily an easy task, and we are here to help!

There are several options available to choose from and it is important to have a professional agent assess your business needs.   It is helpful to have details of your business to get the most accurate Limo and Taxi Livery Insurance Coverages.  The following is a list of business information you will need to begin a Limo and Taxi Insurance Quote:

  • Complete vehicle description including the model, year, ID number, and serial number.
  • Use of the vehicle and geographical location of customer base.  (<50 miles, >100 miles, etc.)
  • Actual cash value of the vehicle as is, and the cost to buy a new vehicle.
  • Garaging location and the description of garaging location.
  • A list of all drivers’ name, age, state and license number.

Click here for Missouri  Taxi & Transportation License Information

MJM Insurance® of Fenton is committed to the transportation industry and ensures that we can find the right insurance program for your particular needs.  Our agents will discuss the following coverages with you:

  • Auto Liability
  • Auto Physical Damage
  • General Liability
  • Property
  • Packages
  • Excess Auto Liability
  • Excess General Liability
  • Workers Comp

We do not perceive our clients as a sale. We continue to serve our clients and review your needs from time to time to ensure you still have the best coverage that meets your needs.  Call us today to begin a prosperous, long term relationship with experts in Limo and Taxi Livery Insurance Coverages in Fenton Missouri.  For a fast quote call (636) 343-5000.

Fenton Missouri Limo and Taxi Livery Insurance Coverages| MJM Insurance of Fenton | (636) 343-5000




Adam Majnerich has been an insurance professional for over 16 years and earned the position of General Manager for MJM Insurance™. His professionalism and attention to detail along with his utilization of technology ensures every client receives the most accurate, competitive, efficient and complete risk solutions.

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