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MJM Insurance of Fenton MO Enhances Insurance Quote Automation for Buyers

Instant Auto Insurance Quote  |  Missouri  MJM Insurance of Fenton  |  (636) 343-5000 Through a new auto insurance quote engine on our website, MJM Insurance of Fenton now offers the ” Instant Auto Insurance Quote Missouri ” platform.  This platform provides instant auto insurance quotes from multiple carriers.  As an Independent Insurance Agency, our licensed insurance agents have access to more than 15 different personal and commercial line insurance carriers.  This new system makes shopping for insurance easier for the consumer.

The new automated system is available to Missouri residents at

MJM Insurance of Fenton offers competitive rates through Travelers, Safeco, EMC, Columbia Mutual, Kemper Preferred, Madison Mutual, Progressive, The Hartford, West Bend, Chubb and dozens more.  Enhancing the quote automation for buyers makes the process to shop and receive auto insurance quotes from multiple carriers quick and easy.

Anyone interested in receiving a quick auto insurance quote can go to the website, click on the auto insurance quote button and complete the form with as much information as possible.  In less than 5 minutes, your Instant Auto Insurance Quote Missouri will appear on the screen that includes a comparative list of Auto Insurance Quotes From Multiple Carriers. The quotes are produced based on the information entered into the system.

MJM Insurance of Fenton follows the highest industry standards to safeguard the confidentiality of personal information and secures the transmission of information through this new automated system. When you request an auto insurance quote, rest assured the inquiry does not impact your credit score, or show up on your credit report.

When buying auto insurance, it’s important to consider not only the price, but also the carriers and the coverages.  The following information is provided as a guide to the insurance coverages all drivers need to consider.  MJM Insurance of Fenton agents are readily available to assist consumers with questions about Missouri auto insurance.


Instant Auto Insurance Quote  |  Missouri  MJM Insurance of Fenton  |  (636) 343-5000


Liability Coverage. Liability is required by law. It protects the other person(s) involved with an accident that is your fault.  Liability coverages include Bodily Injury Per Person, Bodily Injury Per Accident, Property Damage and Uninsured Motorists Coverage.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage.  Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage protects you if you’re in a car accident and the other driver is at fault – and that driver doesn’t have car insurance, or only carries the state minimum!

Comprehensive & Collision. Comprehensive and collision coverages are optional and usually required if you lease or have a lien.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverages
Comprehensive will help cover costs of damage to your vehicle that result from an event that is not an accident.

Collision Insurance Coverage

Collision Coverage pays for damages to your vehicle after a collision with another car or object.

Medical Coverage

Medical coverage is an important auto insurance coverage, and also optional. Medical covers the costs (up to a limit) for injuries that you, or your passengers may have when riding in and while loading or unloading the vehicle.  You and your family may be covered as a pedestrian also.



It is our duty to insure consumers understand what coverages may best meet their needs.  Consumers can get a quick auto insurance quote and have access to professional insurance agents–to help them make an informative decision and avoid potential risks.  Contact us now if you need anything!

MJM Insurance of Fenton is a full service independent insurance agency representing many of Missouri’s premier personal and commercial insurance carriers. With a combined experience of over 70 years in the Fenton Missouri insurance industry, our agents are knowledgeable and competent specializing in auto, home, renters, boat, motorcycle, business automobile, workers compensation, and general liability. With our utilization of cutting edge automation, we’re able to provide superior service to our clients including A+ rated insurance products.

MJM Insurance of Fenton is a supporting member of the Missouri Association of Insurance Agents and committed to the Trusted Choice Pledge, and we proudly represent many of the industry’s leading national and regional insurance companies offering competitive rates through Travelers, Safeco, EMC, MetLife, Columbia Mutual, Kemper Preferred, Madison Mutual, Progressive, The Hartford, West Bend, Chubb and dozens more.

We serve all of Saint Louis and Jefferson counties including Fenton, High Ridge, Arnold, Imperial, Valley Park, Ballwin, Eureka, Pacific, House Springs, Hillsboro, Sunset Hills, Crestwood, Manchester and St. Clair. Our professional insurance agents at MJM Insurance of Fenton can help you get the best value for your fundamental insurance needs.

For our clients’ convenience, our agents are available for after hours appointments and Saturdays. Our normal office hours are Monday – Friday from 9am to 6pm.

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Co-Founder of Alternatives Insurance Group is re-branding AIF to MJM Insurance

MJM Insurance of Fenton now offers more competitive products and solutions for Missouri consumers, including Missouri Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Home Insurance and Business Insurance.

Contact MJM Insurance of Fenton for more information (636) 343-5000 and click the image below to read the full article!

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The following article was published on a variety of networks including ABC, Fox and NBC. It has also been syndicated to news RSS feeds and announced within the most popular newsdesk databases.

Marc Majnerich, co-founder of Alternatives Insurance Group, is re-branding Alternatives Insurance of Fenton to MJM Insurance of Fenton. This change is one of the many to come. MJM Insurance of Fenton opened in 2002 as a full service independent insurance agency and a corporate location member of Alternatives Insurance Group, a group membership organization of local St Louis area insurance agencies founded in 1992. The licensed insurance agents have a combined 70+ years of experience and are dedicated to provide personal and business insurance tools, resources and the most current technology. Each year, their licensed professionals maintain the certified educational requirements required by the Missouri Bureau of Insurance. The team continues to add products to specifically meet Missouri residents needs.

“Less is more” is the idea of the re-brand design concept. Less relates to narrowing down the available insurance products to a handful of key partners. Safeco, Travelers and Progressive will likely be the top three, out of more than 15 carriers, for years to come. More relates to reducing the number of carriers is a value-added benefit in that the agents and staff members are able to stay on top of current trends, stay educated and up to date on all represented carrier partner underwriter practices for each carrier that is represented by MJM Insurance of Fenton. In fact, a large part of the success of local captives is the fact they know the ins and outs of one single company, and they know the ins and outs very well.

In addition to the new brand and eye catching design, MJM Insurance of Fenton has incorporated a custom Client Portal allowing clients to access basic policy information, quick link to the carriers and their insurance documents 24/7. MJM Insurance of Fenton also offers a web based Consumers Rater for Missouri consumers looking for instant personal lines quotes from Safeco, Travelers, The Hartford, Progressive, EMC, MetLife and several other A+ carriers. “Our use of technology allows us to have fewer staff members yet still provide the highest quality efficiency and superior service to our clients and prospects.”, reports Marc Majnerich, owner of MJM Insurance of Fenton. MJM Insurance as a whole, is the single largest annual net written premium volume agency of the Alternatives Insurance Group.

Get instant quotes or policy access, anywhere, anytime, any device.

“Over the next few years, I plan on reaching out to strong regional insurance carriers in order to fill voids. I think offering quality products to consumers which prefer buying from local independents and regional insurance carriers will become more and more common. Buying power will be shifting from baby boomers to millennials.. and our goal to be prepared to communicate and offer technology based features as well as allow clients to dial our direct extensions with the push of a button or clicking their mouse… In fact, the new world of impatient consumers refuse to hold or verbally ask for their agent. They simply want direct contact immediately or elect to no contact at all.”, says Marc Majnerich of MJM Insurance of Fenton.

MJM Insurance of Fenton is a supporting member of the Missouri Association of Insurance Agents and committed to the Trusted Choice Pledge.


Where To Learn More About Auto Insurance In Arnold MO | (636) 343-5000

HERE!  MJM Insurance of Fenton!

Where To Learn More About Auto Insurance In Arnold MO |   MJM Insurance® of   Fenton | (636) 343-5000There are so many resources where to learn more about auto insurance in Arnold MO – we understand it can be overwhelming.  When you search “ where to learn more about auto insurance in Arnold MO” on the internet, there are about 1,400,000 results!  That’s a lot of data!  Perhaps you should consider consulting with a friend, a family member and contact state resources.  Don’t spend your time searching, call MJM Insurance of Fenton!  We are the best place to learn more about auto insurance in Arnold MO.  Our expert agents are here to help you!

When searching where to learn more about auto insurance in Arnold MO, State insurance departments are the best sources for company and agent licensing information.  The Missouri Department of Insurance is a valuable resource for consumers.  Here you can find laws & regulations, find forms and find a reputable insurance company.

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Where to Learn More About Home Insurance in Arnold MO

Understanding Your Home Insurance Options

Where to Learn more about Home insurance in Arnold MO | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000

MJM Insurance® of Fenton knows it is important to help home owners understand their options and how to best protect their family and belongings in case of a loss.  Our agents are here to help home owners know where to learn more about home insurance in Arnold MO.

There are many coverage options you can have in your policy.  On your declaration page you will see several terms; including  dwelling coverage and personal property coverage.  The word dwelling in your home insurance policy actually refers to your home itself and attached structures, such as an attached garage.  One of our experienced agents can run a cost analysis that calculates the cost to rebuild your home. If you don’t adjust the amount of insurance for your dwelling appropriately, you may not have enough insurance to replace your home if disaster strikes.

Your personal property includes all your personal items, such as furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, etc.  Your personal property limit is usually 70% – 75% of your dwelling limit.  However, you can adjust this upward if you need more protection, discuss your options with us. We’re here to help!

Detailed information about home owner insurance and how to contact us can be found on our website page: Where to Learn More About Home Insurance in Arnold MO.

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What is Uninsured Motorist Insurance in Fenton Missouri?

Don’t Take A Risk By Not Being Informed

What is uninsured motorist insurance in Fenton Missouri? | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000

MJM Insurance® of Fenton is Your Personal Insurance Advisor

There are other clauses in your insurance policy that are imperative to include so that you are properly insured. Many of our clients have asked themselves what is uninsured motorist insurance in Fenton Missouri? An uninsured motorist clause is an additional clause in an auto insurance policy that provides for a driver to receive damages for any injury he or she receives from another uninsured  driver who fails to maintain the proper insurance coverage by not having insurance or carrying inadequate insurance coverage.

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Auto Insurance Requirements in Fenton MO | (636) 343-5000

Risks You May Be Taking If You Do Not Have The Proper Coverage

What Are Auto Insurance Requirements in Fenton Missouri? | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000Many people ask themselves, “ What Are Auto Insurance Requirements in Fenton MO? “  First, and foremost, Missouri law requires that all motor vehicle owners maintain at least the state minimum auto liability insurance coverage. MJM Insurance® of Fenton agents are here to help you understand the requirements for auto insurance and the risks you may be taking if you do not have the proper coverage.

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Fenton Missouri Auto Insurance Information | (636) 343-5000

Auto Insurance Basics

Fenton Missouri Auto Insurance | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000Auto insurance is something that every driver should have. A lot of people simply go and get a quote for the minimum that is required for Fenton Missouri Auto Insurance and do not really pay attention to the kind of coverage that they are getting. It is important that you recognize the value of the car insurance coverage that you are getting.

MJM Insurance® of Fenton can help you understand how much the right auto insurance coverage can protect you from the financial liability you will have to assume, if you should get into an auto accident. It is important to find out what kind of protection your auto insurance provides, understand your insurance needs, and make sure that the insurance protection you purchase will give you the best insurance coverage at the most affordable rate.

An auto insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance company.  The contract guarantees that the insurance company will pay up to the covered amount for necessary expenses resulting from named contingencies. Simply put, if you injure another person or damage their vehicle, your car insurance company would pay them up to the maximum amount stated in your contract for medical expenses or repair expenses.

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Fenton Missouri Home Insurance Information

Six Primary Coverages That Are Included in Your Home Policy

Fenton Missouri Home Insurance | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000Have you been searching for ”Fenton Missouri Home Insurance“ and you’re not quite sure what home insurance coverages are necessary to protect you, and one of your most valuable assets? Many of us have been in a situation where we need insurance and depend on our mortgage company or shop online, to find the least expensive home insurance coverage. Have you considered if something happens to your home, and whether your insurance policy will actually cover the damage?  Will it pay for ALL of it?  As a homeowner, there are many risks our agents can help you avoid.

For most people, insurance is confusing. Homeowners may not understand the liabilities that come with owning a home and the protection of having the right coverages in the insurance policy. Homeowners in Fenton Missouri should be aware that mortgage lenders require homeowners insurance.  This article, Fenton Missouri Home Insurance, will explain the primary insurance coverages that are included in your homeowners policy, what they mean, what is not covered, and additional coverages available to you.


The word Dwelling in your home policy actually refers to your home itself.  It includes attached structures, such as an attached garage. The Amount of Insurance (Dwelling Limit) listing on your Declarations page indicates the maximum amount your insurance company will pay to replace your home if it’s destroyed by a covered claim. But,is it enough?

Don’t make the mistake, like many homeowners do, by thinking your homeowners insurance covers everything just because you have an insurance policy!  You must make sure your Dwelling Limit is enough to rebuild your home.

Contact MJM Insurance® of Fenton and one of our experienced agents can run a cost analysis that calculates the cost to rebuild your home.  Be sure to adjust the amount of insurance for your dwelling appropriately.  If you don’t, you may not have enough insurance to replace your home if disaster strikes.

Some policies include built-in protection above the stated Dwelling Limit – usually a percentage of the Dwelling – just in case the estimate is too low. We will make sure to discuss this with you as an additional protection feature.


The most common “Other Structures” (structures not attached ot the dwelling) are sheds, stand-alone garages (known as “detached” garages in insurance terms), barns, pool houses, etc…  These structures are not directly attached to your home.  Other Structures have their own protection limit – the most your company will pay to rebuild them will be stated on your Declarations page.  This limit will be significantly less than the dwelling limit … typically 10% – 20% of the dwelling amount.  For most people that’s plenty of insurance for other structures.  But not for everyone.  You need to know what it would cost to rebuild or replace those structures if they’re destroyed.  Discuss it with the licensed professionals in our office. You can buy more protection for your other structures if you need it.


Your personal property includes all your personal items, such as furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, etc. Similar to other structures, personal property has its own protection limit stated on your Declarations page.  And, again, this amount is the most the insurance company will pay to replace your personal property. You can also add a Ryder to your insurance policy that will cover jewelry; so long as you have the proper documentation like an appraisal from a qualified jeweler.  Your personal property limit is usually 70% – 75% of your dwelling limit.  However, you can adjust this upward if you need more protection,  Discuss your options with us. We’re here to help!Fenton Missouri Home Insurance | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000

Regardless of the protection limit for your personal property, there’s a very important question you must get answered.  How is your property protected?  It is determined by the “actual cash value” or “replacement cost”?  The difference is huge!  In very basic terms, if your property is protected on a replacement cost basis the insurance company will replace your old stuff with new stuff.  For example, if your 5-year old TV is destroyed in a covered claim, the company will pay for a brand new TV.  That’s a good deal for you.

But if your property is protected on actual cash value basis, an “allowance for depreciation” is applied to the cost of a new TV based on the age of your destroyed TV.  The result is you get a settlement amount less than the cost of a new TV.  To buy a new TV you’ll have to come up with the difference out of pocket.  Not as good of a deal for you.

Clearly, insuring your personal property on a replacement cost basis is a better advantage than actual cash value.  Sometimes it costs a bit more, but not always.  We can help you understand how how your policy works and can check the price both ways, to help you make the right decision.


Your liability coverage pays if someone sues you for their injuries due to a covered claim.  When we think of such accidents we most commonly think of injuries that occur on your property – someone slips and falls, a dog bite, etc….  However, the liability protection under your home policy extends beyond your property to your everyday life.  Liability Insurance helps protect you against the financial burden arising from injury (or property damage) that you or your family may cause to other people. It typically even covers injuries whether they happen on or away from your property.

Liability insurance is all about protecting your assets from someone who sues you.  So, you should have at least as much liability insurance as your financial worth.  However, more than that may be prudent, and you should discuss your needs and risks thoroughly with a licensed agent at MJM Insurance® of Fenton.  Your current liability limit will be stated on your Declarations page.


This coverage pays medical bills for a guest who is injured on your property or in another covered claim.  The idea is to do the right thing for someone – pay their medical bills – and then hope they don’t sue you.  This protection is inexpensive, but could save you major hassles by preventing a lawsuit.


Loss of use coverage provides monies for alternative living if your home is badly damaged and are you not able to live in it while it’s being fixed or replaced.  That means you may have to pay rent somewhere or staying in a hotel while you’re also paying your mortgage.  The Loss of Use coverage on your home policy pays those additional expenses for you.

Your Declarations page may state a dollar limit for this coverage, or it may state a time limit.  If there is a dollar limit, this is the most the insurance company will pay for these expenses.  If there’s a time limit, your insurance will pay all covered expenses regardless of the amount but only for the specified period.

Coverage Exceptions

Imagine your home is damaged by a vehicle crashing through the garage.  You call your insurance agent to report the claim, and then you hear the worst news possible, “I’m sorry that’s not covered by your policy.”  Fenton Missouri Home Insurance | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000Now, you have a real problem.

The unfortunate truth is no insurance policy covers you for everything that could possibly happen to you or your property.  However, with a little bit of understanding, you can make sure you have the protection you need, and you can rest easy knowing your claims get paid by the insurance company.

Just because you have an insurance policy, it does not mean everything and everyone in your home is covered.  Your home insurance policy does not cover you against every “cause of loss”. Examples of “cause of loss” include fire, high wind, and other “perils”.

A standard home policy excludes many causes of loss.  That is, it does NOT protect you from certain perils – like earthquake, flood, termite damage and many more.  That means if your home is damaged by one of these excluded perils your policy will not pay and you have no insurance against them.

You can purchase additional coverage to protect you from perils like earthquakes and floods.  However, some excluded perils are not insurable, such as insect damage.  Be sure to discuss your policy exclusions with an agent in our office and we’ll help you determine the best protection you need.  Don’t be caught by surprise after the damage is done.


As if your home policy wasn’t complicated enough already!  There are also “special limits” of protection for some of your personal property.  A “special limit” reduces the protection specifically available for certain types of property. Property subject to a special limit typically includes property used for business, cash & coin collections, jewelry & furs, guns, silverware, valuable art and more.

Additionally, some of these special limits apply only if the property is lost or stolen – making things just a little more confusing.  For example, the standard home policy typically includes $1,000 of protection for stolen jewelry. If your $2,500 diamond engagement ring is stolen, you will receive $1,000 from the insurance company.  Ouch!  And, if the stone falls out of the ring and is lost, there may be NO coverage at all!

It is very important you fully discuss these conditions and special limits with our agents and buy the protection you need.  Otherwise, you could find yourself with a very nasty surprise … an unpaid claim!


The standard home policy have exclusions for many reasons.  But then the insurance company gives you an opportunity to buy some of them back. So, you have the option of increasing protection where you personally need it.

There are literally dozens of optional coverages available in your home policy.  Here are some of the more common options available to you:

  • Identity Theft – many home insurers now offer protection for Identity Theft in their home policies.  This will help pay the expenses you incur to restore your identity if it’s stolen.
  • Water & Sewage Backup – the standard home policy excludes damage caused by a water or sewage system backup.  You can buy this protection if you want it.
  • Ordinance & Law – pays the increased costs of repairing or rebuilding your home that are required to be build in accordance to current building codes.
  • Packaged Endorsements – often times an insurance company will package the optional coverages people most commonly buy into a single endorsement for a lower price.

There are many more optional coverage and exclusion buy-backs our agents can explain to you. Its worth the time to spend with your MJM Insurance® of Fenton agent to understand the coverages available and make good decisions about your protection.

MJM Insurance® of Fenton has access to many insurance carriers and thousands of different products to choose from.  These insurance carriers allow us to tailor an insurance policy specifically to your needs, and help cover your risks.

The Missouri Home Insurance Guide is a great resource to help you understand Fenton Missouri Home Insurance requirements.  Read through this guide and contact an agent with MJM Insurance® of Fenton to schedule a free consultation. (636) 343-5000

Fidelity National Insurance by MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000 
Travelers Insurance by MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000
Progressive Insurance by MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000
Kemper Preferred Insurance by MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000
The Hartford by MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000
Hagerty by MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000

Business Insurance Arnold MO

What Type of Business Insurance Do You Need?

Business Insurance Arnold MO | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000

Business owners may not understand the importance of business insurance, and may not have the time or understanding to ensure they have the best protection based on their needs and risks. If you have been searching ” Business Insurance Arnold MO ”  look no further!  MJM Insurance® will review your policy and make recommendations based off your needs. If you’re business owner, and not sure what kinds of coverage you need to protect your company assets, contact MJM Insurance® – we can help!

Regardless of your situation, you’re on the right track in your quest to compare business insurance and protect all of your assets. One of the best ways to get the coverage you need is to work with an independent agent at MJM Insurance®.  We have several offices that serve the Arnold Missouri area.  Our agents work with multiple insurance companies that specialize in commercial insurance, which means you can get every aspect of your business insurance coverage handled through one professional, and gain an understanding of your needs.

So, what types of business insurance do you need?  The most common types of business insurance coverages include general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, commercial automobile insurance and workers compensation insurance.

Your specific situation might also require that you purchase additional coverage to meet your business risks. The additional coverage types you may need will depend on the nature of the work you do and include professional liability insurance, product liability insurance, business income insurance, cyber liability insurance and business interruption coverage to name a few.

What Is the Best Business Policy for Your Company?

The first step is to assess your risks by doing an analysis of your business and then review your current commercial insurance prices and policies.  Your specific needs will be based on your company’s size, type and value, as well as the type of work you do.  For example, does your company provide internet services? Does your company deliver goods or services in their personal vehicles?  Do you serve food or alcohol?  Do you offer professional advice that could result in a liability claim? Do you have a building or other property that could be at risk for fire or severe weather damage?

Identifying your risks and the coverages needed will help determine which insurance company will meet your insurance needs for the best value.

MJM Insurance® will review policies and options and compare insurance prices from several different insurance providers. The following are a few things we will consider to provide you complete protection:

  • Will the liability coverage limits provided adequately protect your business assets?
  • Does the policy offer adequate risks coverage areas for your business activities?
  • Are the premium rates competitive within the business insurance market?
  • Is the coverage deductible appropriate for what you can afford to pay in the event of a claim?
  • Does the insurer have a strong financial standing and few customer complaints?

No two insurance companies are the same, and when you compare business insurance you’ll quickly find that no two policies are the same either. You may find you need a little assistance when evaluating insurance companies and plans to ensure you purchase coverage that is customized to your business.

Business Insurance Arnold MO: The Business Owners Policy

A business owner policy (BOP) is often the most convenient way of protecting your business’s physical and financial assets  The BOP combines building, personal property and liability insurance coverage into one package.   The BOP is an efficient way to provide Missouri commercial insurance coverage that most small businesses need.

Does your business qualify for a BOP

The two keys to BOP eligibility are type of business and square footage. General examples:

  • apartment buildings
  • office buildings
  • buildings used primarily for mercantile, service or processing purposes
  • wholesalers
  • contractors
  • mixed use, e.g., stores in an apartment building.

Business Insurance Arnold MO: The Commercial Package Policy (CPP)

The Missouri commercial Insurance Package Policy can be issued to include almost any type of coverage offered, from property and liability, to auto, crime, inland marine and professional liability and more.  When your business risks goes beyond the coverages in a BOP, the flexibility offered by a Packaged Policy provides the opportunity to design a policy specifically to fit the needs of your business.  It also enables you to have all or almost all of your insurance coverage in one convenient package.

Most commercial insurance policies offer expanded coverage endorsements. These endorsements provide additional coverages or increase your current coverages for lower premiums than purchasing each coverage separately.  After assessing your business risks and determining that a package policy is what you need, we will design a custom insurance package policy with specific coverages to meet your business needs.Business Insurance Arnold MO | MJM Insurance® | (636) 343-5000

Use MJM Insurance® to assist your in your search for ” Business Insurance Arnold MO .”

It can be time-consuming to compare the commercial insurance products of several different companies, and this is how we can help you!  Our expert agents can find the best business coverage at an affordable premium rate.

Working with an MJM Insurance® agent means you can leave the price comparison shopping to us!  We represents multiple high-quality Missouri Insurance Companies like Travelers, Safeco, EMC, Kemper Preferred, Progressive, The Hartford, West Bend, Chubb and dozens more. We will provide a number of business insurance policy options to you and make sure you understand every aspect of your coverage. You’ll benefit from our agent’s knowledge and guidance while still serving as the final decision-maker.

Cheap Auto Insurance in Missouri

best price tag

The best price isn’t always the right price.

Be aware of cheap auto insurance in Missouri.

Auto insurance is designed to cover your risk of financial liability or the loss of a vehicle the owner may experience if their vehicle is involved in a collision. Are you shopping for cheap auto insurance in Missouri? While you may save money on your car insurance, the agents of MJM Insurance® of Fenton want you to be aware, cheap may also mean under insured.

Cheap auto insurance in Missouri may not give you the protection you need if an accident happens. It’s a balancing act to get the best coverage at the right price and that is where the agents of MJM Insurance® of Fenton help you! Avoid the hidden costs and choose the proper auto insurance discounts for your situation – don’t risk a major loss.

Read the most common red flags of cheap auto insurance in Missouri and understand the risks you may be taking.

#1 – You may not be getting the best protection that fits your lifestyle

Okay, you received a cheap auto insurance quote. But do you know what’s covered in the policy and what important protection you may be missing.  Will your insurance protect your home if you were sued in civil court for damages from an automobile accident?

In most states, liability insurance is required by law.  Liability insurance covers the damage you cause to others or to property in an accident. So, ask your local agent from MJM Insurance® of Fenton what the minimum auto insurance requirements are in Missouri.

For full coverage, collision and comprehensive insurance covers your car in the event of an accident, theft, vandalism, fire, and weather-related disasters.  Collision and comprehensive insurance coverage is not required by law in the United States, but may be required by your auto loan provider.

business graph with coins

Low cost leads to higher risk.

#2 – Your low deductible payment could lead to higher costs

A common method to save on car insurance is to opt for a higher deductible. The deductible is what you pay out-of-pocket before your insurance carriers pay for any claim.  A lower deductible could help reduce your premium because you are agreeing to pay a set amount on any future claims.

The higher the deductible, the cheaper auto insurance costs. If you have several accidents or points on your driving record, this high deductibles may not be cost-effective for you.  Insurance is an investment to protect what matters most in the event of an auto accident. MJM Insurance® of Fenton will assess your situation and determine what you can afford.

#3 – You get what you pay for… Cheap insurance = cheap customer service.

The customer is number one.  The agents of MJM Insurance® of Fenton want you to know it is reasonable to expect helpful customer service representatives to answer your questions and concerns.  You’ll feel more confident when working with MJM Insurance® of Fenton.

Many customers with MJM Insurance® of Fenton were referred to our agency by asking their friends and family members for recommendations.  Protecting our customers is top priority and we take our time to listen to you.

You can also search insurance agencies in your state’s insurance bureau and find out the number of complaints that have been filed.

#4 – Other drivers of your vehicle may not be covered on a cheap policy.

You let someone borrow your car and they get into an accident.  Is he or she covered?

Each state has their own requirements.  Some liability policies cover a licensed driver who drives with your permission, while other policies state specifically that no other person is covered when driving your car.  What if you borrow a friend’s car?  car driving lady

The agents with MJM Insurance® of Fenton can find out the answers to these questions now. Prepare yourself now on the chance something happens that causes you financial hardship.  Let’s review your policy to make sure you have the best auto insurance coverage.

#5 – You need to watch out for cheap insurance scams

If a car insurance quote sounds ridiculously cheap, it is most likely missing vital information for an accurate price. Red flags to be aware of are super cheap rates, companies who do not have your best interest in mind or agents who are not locally owned.

Insurance agencies, agents and producers (anyone licensed to sell insurance) must be licensed in the state that you live.  You can get information by contacting your state’s insurance bureau.

Click here for the Missouri Department of Insurance.

Reporting fraudulent activity is encouraged.  If you don’t report cheap insurance scams, someone else may not be as lucky as you.



Why Choose MJM Insurance® of Fenton?

We’re committed to outstanding customer service

We start by offering the best insurance products at a reasonable price. But it’s the MJM Insurance® of Fenton team that really set us apart from the competition. With combined experience of 60 years, our sales and support staff members can handle your transactions quickly and efficiently. We service each and every account using out team of insurance professionals and we’re always available to answer your questions.

We’re committed to professionalism

Our dedication to client service comes from a culture of professionalism and respect. All of our associates at MJM Insurance® of Fenton have strong credentials and all of our policies are presented to you in a consistent and professional manner.

We’re committed to solving problems quickly

MJM Insurance® of Fenton has unique industry relationships, allowing us to provide exclusive insurance solutions to our customers. Additionally, every staff member is trained to actively listen and provide helpful answers presented in a way in which our policy holders clearly understand.

We’re committed to earning and maintaining your trust

We believe trust is something earned by listening to our customers while providing helpful advice and support. Trust and consistent underwriting practices is what we expect from our carrier partners, and in return we owe the same level of service to you.