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Do You Need a BOP or CPP for your Fenton Missouri Business Insurance?



Fenton Missouri Business Insurance | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000There are two types of Fenton Missouri Business Insurance policies available in Missouri.   The Business Owners Policy or BOP and the Commercial Package Policy or CPP.  These two types of policies are explained below.

Insurance for Different Business Types

On the right sidebar of this page, we have include links to a number of business insurance resources.  Click on any of the different business types to learn more about the insurance coverages for that type of business.   Please call one of our commercial insurance agents at MJM Insurance® of Fenton for any assistance.

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The #1 Fenton Missouir Insurance Agency That Works For YOU!

Fenton Missouri Insurance Agency | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000If you are looking for a Fenton Missouri Insurance Agency, consider speaking with our professional agents with MJM Insurance® of Fenton insurance agency. You may have seen the terms independent insurance agencies, captive agencies. and so forth.  We are going to explain the difference, and why you should visit our independent insurance agency – MJM Insurance® of Fenton.

It is important to select an agency with agents who have been licensed for longer than a few years–our agent staff has a combined experience of over 60 years in the insurance industry–they are knowledgeable and competent.  Our agency requires all staff to maintain their credentials so we are always up to date on the many changes within the insurance industry.  It is imperative to select an agency with up to date license. The Missouri Department of Insurance explains the agency requirements. Our agents’ license is proof they we have passed state examinations that require a thorough understanding of insurance policies and practices.  Rest assured, MJM Insurance® of Fenton insurance agency upholds to these standards.

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Business Insurance Fenton Missouri

Protect What You’ve Worked So Hard To Achieve

Business Insurance Fenton Missouri | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000Your Business is Your Dream. Ensure You Protect it.  Don’t get stuck in a rut searching online for ” Business Insurance Fenton Missouri ” –  not everything you read will meet your business insurance needs!  MJM Insurance® of Fenton will breakdown the facts and provide you the resources you need to understand business insurance and help you make the best choice, for the best price.

As a business owner, you want to have the confidence that the business you’ve built is covered in the event of loss. Partnering with MJM Insurance® of Fenton to handle your business insurance coverage needs can keep you focused on your business. MJM Insurance® of Fenton offers several options for business owner’s protection and we have the resources to customize a tailored Business Owners Policy (BOP) for your business. A BOP includes general liability, property coverage, contents coverage, and products. Other business insurance needs may also include worker’s compensation, commercial auto insurance, errors and omissions, builder’s risk, cargo, vacant property, bonds and special events.

Keep in mind, if your business services include counseling clients on legal, tax or other advisory topics, a BOP does not cover professional liability, auto insurance, workers’ compensation, health or disability insurance – all of which need to be purchased separately. Other businesses may have particular risks that will require more customized coverage than what’s included in a standard BOP.  For example, a jewelry store has different risks that a home-based business.

If we determine your business does not qualify for a BOP, we will move onto Commercial Package Insurance Policy (CPP) options.  CPPs can be issued to include almost any type of coverage offered, from property and liability to auto, crime, inland marine and professional liability. When your business risks goes beyond the coverages in a BOP, the flexibility offered by a Packaged Policy provides the opportunity to design a policy specifically for the needs of an organization. It also enables you to have almost all your coverage in one convenient package.

Most Commercial Package Insurance Policies offer expanded coverage endorsements. These endorsements provide additional coverages or increase the base current coverages for lower premiums than purchasing each coverage separately. We know this all sounds so confusing, this is why we encourage you to contact one of our licensed agents to discuss your options.  Our trained staff knows the right questions to ask to ensure we meet the needs of our customers and protect one of their most valuable assets.  We know you work hard, let us work for you!

During your business review with one of our professional agents, we will go through your insurance requirements step by step.  After we have determined whether you will be better insured by a Business Owner Policy or a Commercial Package Insurance policy – we’ll then review your property.

Property insurance coverage protects small business owners from losses of damage to physical space or equipment and as a result of theft. For insurance purposes, a business’ property includes the physical building in which it resides, as well as its other assets.  With property insurance you can buy either actual cash value or replacement cost insurance. Actual cash value insurance reimburses you for the value of lost, damaged or stolen goods after depreciation is taken into consideration. Replacement cost insurance reimburses you the amount it would take to replace, rebuild or repair damages with materials of similar kind and quality, without deducting for depreciation.

All of the following, owned or leased, can be considered business property:

  • Business Inventory
  • Furniture and Equipment
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Artwork and Antiques
  • Signs and Outdoor Property Not Attached to a Building

Now, to take it one step further, there are three types of property insurance plans.  We know this decision can be a daunting, and yet very confusing endeavor.  It doesn’t have to be!  Our professional staff will help you through this process and determine the best business insurance needs for your business, and at the right price.  The three types of property insurance plans are described below:

Business Insurance Fenton Missouri: Basic form property insurance includes losses resulting from a fire, lightning, windstorm, hail and explosion, plus the cost of removing property to protect it from further damage.
Business Insurance Fenton Missouri: Broad form property insurance includes basic plus extended coverage for other types of perils, such as a roof collapse (e.g. caused by snow or iceBusiness Insurance Fenton Missouri | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000 etc.
Business Insurance Fenton Missouri: Special form property insurance includes basic and broad, and covers all direct physical losses except conditions specifically excluded as listed in the policy.


The next item we will discuss includes any automobiles you may use for your business.  This can include delivery trucks, fleet vehicles (limousines), and company provided cars, to name a few.  All motorized vehicles, whether used for personal or business purposes, need auto insurance. While the types of coverage provided by personal and commercial auto insurance policies are essentially the same, there are important distinctions. Typically, commercial auto insurance policies have higher liability limits. They also may have provisions that cover rented and other non-owned vehicles, including employees’ cars driven for company business.

Several factors related to ownership and use of vehicles determine whether a personal or commercial policy is appropriate. These include:

  • Who owns or leases the vehicle – you individually or the business as an entity
  • Who drives the vehicle – you or your employees
  • How the vehicle is principally used – for example, transporting people, delivering packages or carrying hazardous materials

We will discuss these matters with you and make the best decision based off of your needs for collision and comprehensive coverage to protect yourself against damage to your vehicle.

For more information about your business insurance needs, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.



Why Choose MJM Insurance® of Fenton?

We’re committed to outstanding customer service

We start by offering the best insurance products at a reasonable price. But it’s the MJM Insurance® of Fenton team that really set us apart from the competition. With combined experience of 60 years, our sales and support staff members can handle your transactions quickly and efficiently. We service each and every account using out team of insurance professionals and we’re always available to answer your questions.

We’re committed to professionalism

Our dedication to client service comes from a culture of professionalism and respect. All of our associates at MJM Insurance® of Fenton have strong credentials and all of our policies are presented to you in a consistent and professional manner.

We’re committed to solving problems quickly

MJM Insurance® of Fenton has unique industry relationships, allowing us to provide exclusive insurance solutions to our customers. Additionally, every staff member is trained to actively listen and provide helpful answers presented in a way in which our policy holders clearly understand.

We’re committed to earning and maintaining your trust

We believe trust is something earned by listening to our customers while providing helpful advice and support. Trust and consistent underwriting practices is what we expect from our carrier partners, and in return we owe the same level of service to you.

Business Insurance Arnold MO

What Type of Business Insurance Do You Need?

Business Insurance Arnold MO | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000

Business owners may not understand the importance of business insurance, and may not have the time or understanding to ensure they have the best protection based on their needs and risks. If you have been searching ” Business Insurance Arnold MO ”  look no further!  MJM Insurance® will review your policy and make recommendations based off your needs. If you’re business owner, and not sure what kinds of coverage you need to protect your company assets, contact MJM Insurance® – we can help!

Regardless of your situation, you’re on the right track in your quest to compare business insurance and protect all of your assets. One of the best ways to get the coverage you need is to work with an independent agent at MJM Insurance®.  We have several offices that serve the Arnold Missouri area.  Our agents work with multiple insurance companies that specialize in commercial insurance, which means you can get every aspect of your business insurance coverage handled through one professional, and gain an understanding of your needs.

So, what types of business insurance do you need?  The most common types of business insurance coverages include general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, commercial automobile insurance and workers compensation insurance.

Your specific situation might also require that you purchase additional coverage to meet your business risks. The additional coverage types you may need will depend on the nature of the work you do and include professional liability insurance, product liability insurance, business income insurance, cyber liability insurance and business interruption coverage to name a few.

What Is the Best Business Policy for Your Company?

The first step is to assess your risks by doing an analysis of your business and then review your current commercial insurance prices and policies.  Your specific needs will be based on your company’s size, type and value, as well as the type of work you do.  For example, does your company provide internet services? Does your company deliver goods or services in their personal vehicles?  Do you serve food or alcohol?  Do you offer professional advice that could result in a liability claim? Do you have a building or other property that could be at risk for fire or severe weather damage?

Identifying your risks and the coverages needed will help determine which insurance company will meet your insurance needs for the best value.

MJM Insurance® will review policies and options and compare insurance prices from several different insurance providers. The following are a few things we will consider to provide you complete protection:

  • Will the liability coverage limits provided adequately protect your business assets?
  • Does the policy offer adequate risks coverage areas for your business activities?
  • Are the premium rates competitive within the business insurance market?
  • Is the coverage deductible appropriate for what you can afford to pay in the event of a claim?
  • Does the insurer have a strong financial standing and few customer complaints?

No two insurance companies are the same, and when you compare business insurance you’ll quickly find that no two policies are the same either. You may find you need a little assistance when evaluating insurance companies and plans to ensure you purchase coverage that is customized to your business.

Business Insurance Arnold MO: The Business Owners Policy

A business owner policy (BOP) is often the most convenient way of protecting your business’s physical and financial assets  The BOP combines building, personal property and liability insurance coverage into one package.   The BOP is an efficient way to provide Missouri commercial insurance coverage that most small businesses need.

Does your business qualify for a BOP

The two keys to BOP eligibility are type of business and square footage. General examples:

  • apartment buildings
  • office buildings
  • buildings used primarily for mercantile, service or processing purposes
  • wholesalers
  • contractors
  • mixed use, e.g., stores in an apartment building.

Business Insurance Arnold MO: The Commercial Package Policy (CPP)

The Missouri commercial Insurance Package Policy can be issued to include almost any type of coverage offered, from property and liability, to auto, crime, inland marine and professional liability and more.  When your business risks goes beyond the coverages in a BOP, the flexibility offered by a Packaged Policy provides the opportunity to design a policy specifically to fit the needs of your business.  It also enables you to have all or almost all of your insurance coverage in one convenient package.

Most commercial insurance policies offer expanded coverage endorsements. These endorsements provide additional coverages or increase your current coverages for lower premiums than purchasing each coverage separately.  After assessing your business risks and determining that a package policy is what you need, we will design a custom insurance package policy with specific coverages to meet your business needs.Business Insurance Arnold MO | MJM Insurance® | (636) 343-5000

Use MJM Insurance® to assist your in your search for ” Business Insurance Arnold MO .”

It can be time-consuming to compare the commercial insurance products of several different companies, and this is how we can help you!  Our expert agents can find the best business coverage at an affordable premium rate.

Working with an MJM Insurance® agent means you can leave the price comparison shopping to us!  We represents multiple high-quality Missouri Insurance Companies like Travelers, Safeco, EMC, Kemper Preferred, Progressive, The Hartford, West Bend, Chubb and dozens more. We will provide a number of business insurance policy options to you and make sure you understand every aspect of your coverage. You’ll benefit from our agent’s knowledge and guidance while still serving as the final decision-maker.

Business Insurance Quote Arnold MO

How Much Does Business Insurance Cost?

Business Insurance Quote Arnold MO | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000If you own a business or if you’re just starting a new business in Arnold Missouri, you may be searching the internet for  “Business Insurance Quote Arnold MO .”   Finding the best commercial insurance policy for your business can be challenging.  As a business owner, you will need to cover a range of risks and potential incidents, like accidents, injuries, equipment and property damage, theft and liability claims – even if you have a well-established corporation.

An experienced,  independent, commercial insurance agent with MJM Insurance® can make this insurance task much easier.  We will assess your business risk, determine the insurance coverages that you need, and for the best price.  Many business risks are quite complicated; it is best to have a commercial insurance agent who specializes in business.

There are no average business liability insurance costs for both small and large businesses.  Some businesses may need to carry Errors and Omissions Insurance, if they give professional advice, some carry business auto insurance because they drive a vehicle for their business.  For example: a sole proprietor might pay $500 per year for general liability insurance, but a small consulting firm is likely to pay over $3,000 per year.

There are many ways to package policies, get discounts, and reduce your business insurance costs. Small business owners can often get a combined policy that provides all the basic coverage a small business needs. Known as a “business owner’s policy” or “BOP” this type of packaged policy can make the cost of business insurance very affordable for a small enterprise.

Costs will vary considerably depending on the specific risks of the business. Professional liability insurance covers the “human error” risk when you give advice or offer consultation. While this coverage is typically associated with advisors, such as accountants and consulting firms, many different types of small businesses carry this coverage to hedge against the risk of a law suit. Average business insurance costs for E & O coverage for small firms is typically in the range of $1,000 to $3,000 annually per million dollars of coverage.

Rest assured when you are working with an MJM Insurance® agent, you are working with someone with experience and knowledge in commercial coverage when obtaining business insurance quotes. If you are like many business owners, you have put sweat and equity into building your company, and we will make sure you are not at risk of losing all that you have worked so hard to achieve.

How to Reduce Your Business Insurance RatesBusiness Insurance Quote Arnold MO | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000

Don’t guess if the coverage you have is right for your needs and is fairly priced.  Start your search for  “Business Insurance Quote Arnold MO ” by calling a professional commercial insurance agent with  MJM Insurance® to be certain.  We have access to many carriers to shop for your business insurance and get the same or better coverage for less cost.  While we are able to shop many companies, we also have expertise in a variety of industries such as Animal HospitalsAuto Repair ShopsContractors and Beauty Shops.