Fenton Missouri Workers Comp Business Insurance

Employers have the legal responsibility of paying for the job-related injuries of their employees

To ensure your business carries sufficient workers compensation coverage, turn to MJM Insurance® of Fenton, a full service Independent Insurance Agency representing many of Missouri’s premier personal and commercial lines insurance carriers.  Our agents specialize in Fenton Missouri Workers Comp Business Insurance and will ensure you have the best Workers Comp Business Insurance coverage that meets your needs.

Our well-trained insurance agents know how to match the laws with the workers compensation coverage that is required in Saint Louis and Jefferson counties including Fenton, High Ridge, Arnold, Imperial, Valley Park, Ballwin, Eureka, Pacific, House Springs, Hillsboro, Sunset Hills, Crestwood, Manchester and St. Clair, Missouri.Fenton Missouri Workers Comp Business Insurance | MJM Insurance® of Fenton (636) 343-5000

Employer funded insurance pays for Job Related Illnesses—Exposure to Chemicals, Radiation and Pollution at the Workplace, Job-Related Diseases—Which Occur over a Long Range of Time That Relate to Heart, Lung and Digestive Problems, Job-Related Injuries—Accidents and Repetitive Actions That Result in Injury.  Contact MJM Insurance® of Fenton to review your policy and make sure you have the right protection.

Fenton Missouri Workers Comp Business Insurance does not cover Injuries resulting from Alcohol or Drug Injuries, Injuries an Employee Does to Himself or Herself, Injuries That Occur While off the Job and Not Related to the Job.

Workers compensation insurance protects the employer and employee in Fenton Missouri.  Workers compensation pays for the cost of injuries and illnesses employees acquire while on the job, whether they are performing the job on or off premises in Fenton Missouri. Job related injuries or illnesses can be costly and it is wise to carry sufficient workers compensation insurance coverage.

For the employer, workers compensation covers liability from lawsuits and claims that happen on or for the job. For the employee, workers compensation pays for medical care from work-related accidents or illness.

Employees have the right to sue and employer if a business does not carry workers compensation insurance. So, it is important to provide workers compensation coverage, as well as to make sure employees know that.  The state requires employers to post notices in places where employees easily can notice and read the information.

Businesses with employees are required by law to pay for certain types of insurance: workers’ compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, and, depending on where the business is located, disability insurance.

Businesses with employees are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage through a commercial carrier, on a self-insured basis, or through the state Workers’ Compensation Insurance program. Visit your state’s Workers’ Compensation Office for more information on your state’s program.

Businesses with employees are required to pay unemployment insurance taxes under certain conditions. If your business is required to pay these taxes, you must register your business with your state’s workforce agency.  MJM Insurance® of Fenton agents can help steer you in the right direction.

Each job injury is unique and requires a proper time to heal.  If an employee works with an attorney, he/she will be encouraged not to rush back to work and perhaps request to be put on light or full duty until they are healed completely. Some of the most common injuries include the following:

Back Injuries                                     Herniated Disks & Neck Injuries

Brain Injuries                                     Knee Injury Compensation

Amputation                                       Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Damage

Paralysis                                          Permanent Total Disability

Hand & Wrist Injuries                        Cases Involving Death

Employees who have been injured on the job may also request financial compensation for lost wages, damages for permanent injuries (either total or partial), vocational rehabilitation assistance and/or death benefits for the families of workers killed on the job.


Why Choose MJM Insurance® of Fenton?

We’re committed to outstanding customer service

We start by offering the best insurance products at a reasonable price. But it’s the MJM Insurance® of Fenton team that really set us apart from the competition. With combined experience of 60 years, our sales and support staff members can handle your transactions quickly and efficiently. We service each and every account using out team of insurance professionals and we’re always available to answer your questions.

We’re committed to professionalism

Our dedication to client service comes from a culture of professionalism and respect. All of our associates at MJM Insurance® of Fenton have strong credentials and all of our policies are presented to you in a consistent and professional manner.

We’re committed to solving problems quickly

MJM Insurance® of Fenton has unique industry relationships, allowing us to provide exclusive insurance solutions to our customers. Additionally, every staff member is trained to actively listen and provide helpful answers presented in a way in which our policy holders clearly understand.

We’re committed to earning and maintaining your trust

We believe trust is something earned by listening to our customers while providing helpful advice and support. Trust and consistent underwriting practices is what we expect from our carrier partners, and in return we owe the same level of service to you.


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